Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

By Susan Jeffers

Whenever we take a chance and enter unfamiliar territory or put ourselves into the world in a new way, we experience fear. Very often this fear keeps us from moving ahead with our lives. The trick is to FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY. Together we will explore the barriers that keep us from experiencing life the way we want to live it. So many of us short-circuit our lives by choosing the path that is the most comfortable but here we will learn to identify our excuses for ‘staying stuck’ and develop the techniques for taking control of our own lives.
— Susan Jeffers (describing the original 'Feel the Fear' course at The New School for social research in new york)


Susan Jeffers’ phenomenal classic has changed the lives of over two million readers around the world.

Her profound advice will give you the insight and tools to move from a place of paralysis, pain and indecision to one of energy, enthusiasm and action.

Whatever your anxieties, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway will teach you how to handle any situation life throws at you, allowing you to take control, move forwards and live the life you want.


  1. The concepts in this book are super simple and can apply to everyone. I think we can ALL benefit from learning how to transform our pain into power, and this book is a perfect example of accessible self-help that will show you how without being preachy or fluffy or boring (FTF was first published in 1987 and is one of the most popular self-help books ever).


  2. I want people to understand that fear is our friend. One of my biggest learnings on my self-help ‘journey’ so far is that so-called 'negative' emotions aren’t always a bad thing. In fact, most of them - and especially fear - are here to help us. We feel fear when we are trying something new or different and that means that we are pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones and THAT is exactly what we should be doing - as often as we can - if we want to make something wonderful out of our lives. Once we can tune in and recognise that scaredy feeling as either a sign that we are about to do something new and brilliant OR that we might be headed off track and need to course correct, then we can transform it into a positive and empowering emotion that will help us become our best selves. So long as we are growing and learning in life (hint: that should be for as long as we are actually alive) we will feel the fear, so we may as well learn to embrace it and make it work for us.


  3. It’s your favourite! When new members sign up to Shelf Help I ask about your favourite self-help books and this one is the winner by a mile. And I like to keep our members happy. I’m a big believer in reading, re-eading and sometimes RE-reading brilliant self-help books to let the lessons really sink in and every time I read this book I get something new from it so I hope you guys will too.


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Susan Jeffers, PhD, dubbed ‘the Queen of Self-Help’ by The Times, is considered one of the world’s top self-help authors.

A psychologist who wrote 18 self-help books, it was Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway that launched her career as a bestselling author.

Her books have been published in over 100 countries and translated into over 36 languages.

Susan died in Los Angeles, aged 74, on October 27th 2012.

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