Salt water, porridge, podcasts, PJs: The simple self-care rituals that actually work c/o the Shelf Help Clubbers

Our BOTM in May this year was the best-selling Self-Care for the Real World, from sisters, wellness pioneers and Kate Moss’s favourite yogis Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips. And while the book itself is filled with nuggets of nourishment and wisdom, it also inspired a raft of brilliant self-care advice from our community of readers and seekers…

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Reflection and resolutions: Six powerful ways to close the year from Tim Ferriss, Zen Habits, Melissa Ambrosini and more

Whether 2018 was a humdinger or a ‘what the hell just happened?!’ kinda ride, one thing is certain; it will have changed you in some way.

And there is much to learn from those magical 12 months when our hearts kept beating and our lungs kept breathing and the world kept turning and we just kept going.

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The February Holisticle: Mindful drinking, Miracle Mornings, high-vibe tribes and more Soho House shindigs

This month I’m on a mission to supercharge the start to your day with a little help from The Miracle Morning, we'll be talking Mindful Drinking at our Soho House event with author Rosamund Dean and we're celebrating the first Shelf Help Local meetup. Happy February!


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