Welcome to the new look blog (and oh yes I did manifest a Glastonbury ticket)

Off to Glasto we go (thanks Sam Harris and the Universe)

Off to Glasto we go (thanks Sam Harris and the Universe)

There’s more to self-help than books. And there’s more to Shelf Help than our Book of Month.

‘Self-help’ could mean any of thousands of different ways we can be inspired to learn and grow, and books are just the starting point; a gateway into a brave new world where we can start diving a little deeper and begin exploring some of life’s biggest questions .

And while I do have my head in a book a lot of the time, and Shelf Help is first and foremost a book club, I’m also doing lots of other things inspired by the books and authors to complement what I’m learning and the changes I am making as I strive to design a life that is as good as it can possibly be.

Some of the things I try are brilliant and genuinely life-changing. Others are a big fat waste of time and money and energy (it’s all about the energy, guys) and so I’m going to start sharing my adventures - and misadventures! - here each week, in my Work In Progress blog. Because, despite having read hundreds of self-help books, I am very happy to report that I am still very much a work in progress (hope I always will be), and if you’re reading this then chances are that you are too….


The plan today was to write about the Sam Harris meditation app I have been using, the Upper Limit Problem I’ve been learning about (and trying to stamp out in my own life) and also the benefits of retreating now that I’m fresh off the plane from a brilliant reset in the French Countryside.

HOWEVER the Sam Harris app worked so well that I manifested a Glastonbury ticket for the last night of the festival at very late notice (no shit! More on this in the next post, assuming I make it back in one piece) and so I’m actually writing this update on the shuttle bus to the festival site, meaning my self-help update will be a little bit delayed as I get busy enjoying the fruits of my self-helpery. ✨

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