Not just for mums: Why joining a book club is the ultimate in self-care for millennials

“It turns out, starting a book club is the ultimate in self-care. Your favourite people, no need to dress up to impress anyone, home-cooked, nourishing food, and if you pick the right books, the chance to access whole new worlds of emotion, of gratitude, of understanding, of shifting world views,” says Charlotte Pasha, in her Dose feature on why book clubs are the best kind of social life.

But if you’re reading this, you probably knew that already :)

We’re delighted to be quoted in the article as encouraging ‘relaxation, engagement and self-fulfilment’, for mums, millennials and everyone in between.

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Created for ‘healthy hedonists’ Dose is billed as a “pleasure seeker's guide to wellness.”

‘Workout. Eat Well. Balance.’ is their mantra.

Our kind of wellness site.

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