Sober October? Why going alcohol-free is the best act of self-care you will ever undertake

You don’t need booze to have a good time, guys, just a huge flower wall…

You don’t need booze to have a good time, guys, just a huge flower wall…

This time last year I embraced on a ‘Sober October’ that turned into a 100-day alcohol-free stretch that fundamentally changed my relationship with alcohol, and myself.

Once-upon-a-time (not very long ago) I was known for being life and soul, first to the bar and last to leave a party.

Today, I call myself an ‘occasional drinker’, aka I drink on special occasions, when I want to get ‘into it’ rather than ‘out of it’ and when I feel like a drink will add something to the occasion (recent examples include a lost weekend at Wilderness and pink wine on a big yacht in the South of France. See, special.).

I DON’T drink because I’m sad, stressed, bored or feeling shy. Or because there’s a free bar. Or to make other people feel more comfortable.

Me one year ago would NEVER have thought she could say - or be comfortable with - any of the above. But I am so SO happy to report that at this stage, when I’m not drinking I don’t feel like I’m being deprived of anything.

Instead, I feel like I have gained SO MUCH.

Better skin, sleep, energy levels, happiness, cash flow, weekends, work, relationships.

There is not one area of my life that has not improved by (mostly) taking booze out of it.

Before my 100-day #AF stint I had been making lots of small but important lifestyle changes in my quest to be happier, both physical and mental (hello Shelf Help Club!). And they were working. Slowly but surely. But three months without booze made me realise that simply not drinking is the best self-care move I can make.

The definition of self-care is: the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

The irony here is that no action is needed - only inaction. Stop boozing, start seeing massive change.

If you’re ready to try it you can read my Party-lover’s Tool kit for Sober Success HERE and/or

Read my piece on Mindful (and Mindless) drinking and Mental Health in this month’s Women’s Health.

Good luck.

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