The Kindness Method Interview: Talking habits and happiness with author Shahroo Izadi

You might not want to stop drinking, you might just want to drink less than two bottles of wine a night. You might not want to work less, but you might want to save an important relationship. You might not need to stop spending so much money, but you might want to change how you feel about yourself after another online splurge.

Behavioural Change Specialist Shahroo Izadi has combined professional addiction training with personal experience to create The Kindness Method (she has lost - and kept off - eight stone), and whether your unwanted habit is food, booze, drugs, sex, shopping, gambling, gaming, procrastination or work - or all of the above - her new book can help you.

During our 40-minute online interview Shahroo shares a lot about her personal struggles with weight loss and food, as well as her work in frontline addiction on the NHS and with the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

And she explains how being kind to ourselves is actually the quickest way to change ANY habit.

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