BOOK OF THE MONTH: august 2018

The Kindness Method

By Shahroo Izadi


The Kindness Method is an empowering guide to changing habits that focuses on our strengths, skills and positive traits (rather than looking at what we can’t do), invites us to look at where and who we want to be (rather than who we don't want to be), and then helps us work backwards from there.

With zero judgement.

You might not want to stop drinking, you might just want to drink less than two bottles of wine a night. You might not want to work less, but you might want to save an important relationship. You might not need to stop spending so much money, but you might want to change how you feel about yourself after another online splurge.

Behavioural Change Specialist Shahroo Izadi has combined professional addiction training with personal experience to create The Kindness Method (she has lost - and kept off - eight stone), and whether your unwanted habit is food, booze, drugs, sex, shopping, gambling, gaming, procrastination or work - or all of the above - this book can help you:
1. understand how your negative habits came about
2. have kinder conversations with yourself and boost your self-esteem
3. understand how your unwanted habits are serving you and look at healthier alternatives
4. set achievable and sustainable goals
5. face up to your inner bully
6. feel empowered, positive and ready to embrace change

"To really change our unwanted behaviours, we need to 'zoom out' and focus on the entire life we want to live."
- Shahroo Izadi, The Kindness Method


Izadi told Shelf Help: "I want people to know they don’t have to hand themselves over to an ‘expert’ to tell them what their goals should be or what’s best for them. We are all experts by experience, we just need a guided framework that draws out our own wisdom and helps us to address unwanted habits as they emerge throughout our lives, with self-belief, self-awareness and evidence based motivational tools.

“We need to realise that although many of our behaviours feel like they’ve gone on autopilot, a conversation with ourselves takes place between feeling we want to engage in an unwanted but immediately desirable behaviour and actually going through with it. 

"The Kindness Method teaches you to turn up the volume on that conversation and make sure that you’re hearing the kind, curious and compassionate one that gets you to where you want to be most quickly."

ABOUT AUTHOR shahroo Izadi


Shahroo Izadi is a Behavioural Change Specialist who started her career in the NHS and later worked for the charity Turning Point, which provides substance-misuse treatment, before setting up her own private practice. She runs support groups and relapse management sessions for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and provides training and advice to leading health and social care organisations.

The Kindness Method is her first book.

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