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Why did you get involved in Shelf Help? I work in the mental health space but find that so many people (including myself) still have a bit of shame about self-care and self-help (so much harder to practice what you preach).

For me self-help is like professional development for my soul. It motivates and energises me and I love opportunities to connect with people who feel the same way and share our learnings and thoughts).

What is your favourite self-help book? And why? My favourite self help book is Kristina Karlsson’s ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ because it’s a fantastic book that empowers you to not only think about what your dream life is, but breaks it down in to manageable steps and questions to get you on the path to that dream life!

It’s because of this book that I reached out about becoming a Shelf Help host! It also comes with a journal to use so you can track your progress and make meaningful plans.