What is your favourite self-help book? And why? Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living  by Linnea Dunne, shifted my whole perspective on life. I had always been interested in Buddhism and Scandinavian living, after visiting Copenhagen and Malmo in 2016 I fell in love with peoples’ attitudes that cannot be explained with language but merely experienced. I discovered as a millennial studying law at University of Bristol this busy world of comparison, scrolling and being constantly contactable did not sell well with my inner desire and need to live a more balanced life. Having a breakdown at 24 made me reframe my life; this wonderful book taught me to life a life that is not too little, or too much but is just right (lagom) 

Why did you get involved in Shelf Help? I was connected to Toni via instagram back in November after I had just set up The Vegan Mellanhand; social media really is a beautiful thing if used within it’s parameters. I instantly aligned with Shelf Help’s philosophy of providing a helping hand to others to live their best life. I firmly believe it is paramount to connect with yourself, others and our environment to live a lagom life. I am looking forward to connecting with likeminded souls and nuancing wholesome topics over a cuppa!

What can people expect at your meetups? A welcoming confidential communitea; where we will no doubt laugh and cry but fundamentally we are all going to be sunflowers side by side in a field cheering and watching other grow. Of course there will be a Scandinavian influence, think lush food, drink and community.