What is your favourite self-help book? And why? Heart Talk by Cleo Wade – Technically it comes under ‘poetry’ but the way she writes is so beautiful and easily relatable that for me this is daily self-help. I keep it by my bedside and read any page each day, morning and night, to start and end the day with good thoughts.

Why did you get involved in Shelf Help? I really wanted to meet like-minded people who not only enjoy reading the same books but also enjoy getting lost in conversation about the real life topics they touch on. I think it’s so healthy to be able to speak openly about things which we don’t all naturally bring up in to conversation.

What can people expect at your meetups? Absolutely everyone is welcome so you can expect to have really meaningful and thought provoking conversations with complete strangers from totally different backgrounds. I always feel that wonderful feeling of ‘wow, I’m really not the only one who feels / thinks like that’ so I hope others can experience that too.