HOSt: Newton abbot

What is your favourite self help book and why? The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabana. his book really guided me at a time in my life when my confidence, motivation and inspiration were at quite a low, both personally and professionally. This book taught me some really valuable tools around at a time when I felt had none and has left me with practices that I still use to this day to feel empowered and confident to manage different situations. It’s one I come back to often for inspiration on how to be more aware of my own actions and how this can greatly impact others around me. 

Why did you get involved in Shelf Help? Reading, community and self help and development are some of my favourite things! Toni and I have been connected for some time and I have loved seeing how she has created a space online and offline for people to share their stories, thoughts and ideas on how we can be the better versions of ourselves, through the incredible guidance of fantastic books. When Toni offered for me to be a host in my local community, I jumped straight in. A lot can be learnt from people and books - put them together and you have a magical combination and a catalyst for real change to happen, all while feeling supported and certainly not alone in navigating this beautiful and sometimes challenging journey of life. 

What can people expect in your meet ups? A fun, friendly and relaxed environment where you can feel at ease to show up as you are and to share openly without judgement. I aim to create a space where people from all ways of life can come together to share in their personal experiences and perspectives, leaving everyone feeling more connected and inspired