What is your favourite self-help book? And why? My favorite self-help book is: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, by Susan Cain. Until I read Susan's book, I thought that being an introvert / extrovert was a black and white distinction. Since I was not the person to hide in the corner of a room at a party, I didn't want to accept that I might be an introvert. I did enjoy being social, but I also knew it exhausted me at times. After reading Susan's book, I embraced my social-introvert self and learned the importance of finding time to recharge.

Why did you get involved in Shelf Help? I had been following Marianne Power's "Help Me" blog and she mentioned that her book was selected as Shelf Help Book Club's BOTM. I was excited to learn about, and join, a bookclub that existed where a group of like-minded people could gather, read, and discuss self-improvement. I loved the encouragement that took place within the bookclub and wanted to get more involved.

What can people expect at your meetups? Shelf Helpers can expect community, conversation, encouragement and laughter. The meetups will be a safe place for honest discussion without judgment. My goal for the group is to have fun, be silly, share our success stories and motivate each other as we grow.