Change Your Life in Seven Days

By Paul McKenna

Success and happiness are not accidents that happen to some people and not to others. They are created by specific ways of thinking and acting in the world.
— Paul McKenna


Paul McKenna PhD has made a study of highly successful, happy and effective people and distilled the core strategies and techniques of these super-achievers into an amazing life make-over that will help you to think and act more positively and confidently, and noticeably improve your life in as little as one week.


Would you like to have more energy and feel happier every day?

Would you like to start living the life of your dreams?

Would you like to be more successful?


This book will help you learn how to master your emotions and run your own mind, to have supreme self-confidence and become the person you truly want to be.

toni: why i chose this as book of the month

“They say that when the pupil is ready the teacher appears and I was obviously ready for something (anything!) when this book fell on the floor in front of me in the local book shop. I was 37, newly ‘funemployed’ after leaving my full-time job as an editor at one of the world’s toughest news publications, and seriously struggling with lots of new and weird feelings as I tried to get to know myself - and maybe even start liking myself - after decades of neglect. (Any feelings were basically a bit weird to me at this stage).

“You can read more about my story and how self-help became my favourite new addiction HERE, but this is the book that really kicked it all off for me, and one that I will be forever grateful to.

“We are not broken, but many of us think we are, and this book shines a light on why that is, before inviting us to reconsider and then reframe the relationship we have with ourselves.

"Self-help isn't an instant fix (sorry guys), and this ‘seven-day’ book took me over a year to read (ha!!) because the concepts in it - that we are not our thoughts, that we can change our feelings, that we can learn self-confidence, that we learn and can therefore UNlearn limiting beliefs, and that we can create health and wealth -  were so new to me. (I'm still working on a couple of them several years later).

“I think this book is a brilliant introduction to some of the biggest and most popular self-help themes and it really does offer a life make-over if you let it, so what better way to kick off a shiny new year?”


Paul McKenna is the number one hypnotherapist in the world, and is renowned for helping people treat the most difficult problems.

Recognized by The Times of London as one of “the world’s most important modern self-help gurus,” Paul is the UK’s most successful non-fiction author. I Can Make You THIN is the best-selling self-help book in UK history. His other successful titles include Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight, I Can Mend Your Broken Heart, I Can Make You Rich, and most recently, I Can Make You Happy, which reached number one in the UK.

Paul uses scientific psychological procedures to make dramatic and captivating changes in people lives, and has appeared on national TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Rachael Ray, Anderson Live, among others.

Instagram: @iampaulmckenna

Twitter: @ImPaulMcKenna

You are constantly letting other people know how to treat you by the way you treat yourself.
— Paul McKenna

The book comes with a Guided Hypnosis CD to complement the conscious work you’ll be doing via the exercises in the book, and research shows that the benefits of repeated listening to it include ‘enhanced emotional equilibrium and better health’. For those of you without a CD player, here’s the 25-minute session in full (do not listen to this while driving or operating machinery or if you suffer from epilepsy. If in doubt, consult your doctor. Wearing a black rollneck jumper while listening is optional).

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