Crazy Good:

A Book of Choices

By Steve Chandler

The real magic happened as I began to realise there was no upper limit to the life one could experience, or the creativity one could bring to this planet. And I mean anyone. As in everyone.
— Steve Chandler


Super coach Steve Chandler delivers series of enlightening choices we can make to have our lives soar far beyond anything we thought possible. 

The hypnotized "I'm fine" life of "barely good enough" is revealed here to be thoroughly unnecessary - and easy to break free from. 

Instead, the choices Chandler gives us are clean, clear, simple to execute, and based on more than twenty years of training over thirty Fortune 500 companies and coaching hundreds of high-achieving individuals.

Choose now to create a life that's crazy good.


  1. I started Shelf Help as a way to make self-help more accessible and find author Steve Chandler very real and relatable. His life hasn’t been a bed of roses. In fact, when it comes to trauma Steve has been there done there and got the T-shirt and therapy bills to prove it. He didn’t find coaching/himself until he was in his fifties so he knows what it’s like to be unhappy, desperate, addicted and living a below-par life. And he actually credits his own life experiences with failure as one of his most valuable tools for helping others. Steve’s audiences and readers are inspired by stories of his low points, figuring out that if he can transform his life, so can they. He says: “One might ask, given my startling lack of success as a human being most of my life, why am I making a good living at this. I think it’s because people realise that if I can do this they certainly can. They easily can! Our objective with this book? A life that leaves the victim mindset behind, and then spirals up, flourishing, evolving toward crazy good.”.


  2. I absolutely believe that life - and growth - is about choices. Life happens. Sometimes it’s brilliant and sometimes it’s more testing, but we always have a choice as to how we respond and here’s a whole book offering inspring, easy-to-follow advice on making the best ones (hint: don’t send that angry email).


  3. Steve loves Bob Dylan. And the Beatles. And Leonard Cohen. And the book is filled with quotes from these guys as well as his favourite Country music stars. It’s also filled with sound bites and observations and has very short chapters and big type and no exercises, making it very easy to read. I mention this because a) last month’s book was pretty intense and b) it’s proof that self-help doesn’t need to be all serious and heavy to work its magic.



Steve Chandler is a world-famous success coach to best-selling authors, public speakers, CEOs, media personalities and small business owners as well as the world’s top business and life coaches.

He has worked with over thirty Fortune 500 companies and more than 600 other organisations.

He’s the founder of the Coaching Prosperity School and the author of more than 30 books.

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