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Public Speaking Survival Guide in association with COR Collective

  • COR Collective Herne Hill Road London, England United Kingdom (map)
Jasmine: Queen of the mic. TJ: Bitchy resting face = bag of nerves

Jasmine: Queen of the mic. TJ: Bitchy resting face = bag of nerves

Hands up if you love public speaking? Hello? Anyone?

Speaking in public is something most of us hate doing and I'm guessing something most of us would like to be better at?

Whether it's giving a presentation at work, a speech at a wedding, pitching an idea, interviewing a Hemsley about tongue scrapers, or sometimes just even introducing ourselves to a new person or group, putting ourselves out there is HARD.

In researching how to get over myself and better at it, I have found a brilliant course run by the COR Collective, three women who each have tales of overcoming public speaking meltdowns (panic attacks, forgetting lines in a one-woman show, crying during presentations, the lot!) to go on to actually ENJOY giving presentations! Yes, really!

Transform your fears about public speaking into excitement with this unique, empowering and resolutely non-corporate half-day workshop.

I love their approach and particularly the focus on the mind, and how to get to the bottom of why we fear speaking out, and how we can address that quickly and easily, in any situation.

I know I'm not alone in my fear of public speaking and so we have teamed up with COR Collective to run a special half-day workshop for Shelf Helpers at a discounted rate to include a three-hour workshop and lunch at their HQ in Herne Hill.

What we will learn (I’ll be taking the course too):

  • the basic essentials of body language and voice, including coaching from a voice coach expert on simple yet highly effective warm-up routines and professional techniques

  • more about our minds, calling upon crucial lessons from CBT, Mindfulness and NLP to help us manage anxieties around public speaking

  • a toolkit of tips for finding poise, presence and composure, anytime, anywhere

  • advice on how to apply all of the above in a variety of scenarios including meetings, conference calls, interviews, pitches, presentations and challenging conversations


  • Date: Friday November 23rd 2018 (morning)

  • Price: £150 to include a three-hour workshop and lunch

  • Location: COR Collective HQ, Herne Hill, South London