By Chloe Brotheridge


Would you like a quieter mind and a calmer life?

These days being anxious seems to be an accepted side effect of our busy lives, but while a touch of anxiety can be a good thing (it’s usually there to tell us something isn’t quite right) too much can leave us feeling physically and mentally stressed.

The Anxiety Solution is a simple and inspiring guide to reducing anxiety from former sufferer and qualified hypnotherapist Chloe Brotheridge. This book will help you understand why you feel anxious in the first place and then equip you with techniques to help manage the symptoms and start living a happier, more confident life.

If anxiety is impacting your life this book is full of good news; mostly that anxiety is a learned behaviour (not our default state) and so it can be UN learned. And it’s also full of easy-to-implement strategies to help you get back in control and back to living your best life.

Author Chloe told Shelf Help: “I wrote this book for women who struggle with the anxieties of modern life – from perfectionism to decision making to social media overwhelm. It's important to know that anxiety is a friend, not the enemy. It’s teaching you about what your needs are, whether that means making a change to your lifestyle, learning to love yourself or healing your past. Let anxiety in for a cup of tea and listen to what she has to say.”

"I don't believe in 'curing' anxiety completely, it's a normal human emotion that we all experience from time to time. But I do believe you can strip away the things that detract from your inner peace. You can create a life centred on your own values and goals rather than being swept up in a storm of social media madness, self-imposed pressure and unnecessary worry." - Chloe Brotheridge

ABOUT AUTHOR Chloe Brotheridge


Chloe Brotheridge is a hypnotherapist, nutritionist, anxiety expert and writer. As a one-time sufferer of severe anxiety Chloe says she knows what it's like 'to constantly over-think things, to feel nervous about every-day stuff and to let a lack of confidence hold her back from being herself and being in the moment.'

After training in hypnotherapy and nutrition to help deal with her own anxiety Chloe now offers 1-2-1 therapy sessions to clients in London and via Skype, as well as via her online programme.

Find out more at where you can also download FREE audio tracks for self-hypnosis for relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and guided relaxation.

Chloe also hosts The Calmer You podcast, featuring guidance and inspiration to be your calmest, happiest and most confident self.



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