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WHAT is shelf help?

Shelf Help is an online/offline book club and community dedicated to self-help and self-development founded by wellbeing journalist (and self-help geek) Toni Jones.

We want to encourage people to READ more, LEARN more and TALK more about the things that matter and Shelf Help has been created as a place for like-minded souls to connect, share and support each other through the themes of each month's self-help title, whether that's online through our Instagram page or private Facebook group, or in real life (gasp!) at meetups or author events.

And everyone is welcome - whether you're an enlightened meditator who reads A Course In Miracles for fun, or you think the Dalai Lama lives in London Zoo - the only criteria to join this club is an open heart and an inquisitive mind.

Our aim is to help demystify the self-help sector, celebrate all that's great about it, and prove that working on yourself doesn't need to be scary or weird.

Because we believe that we can all benefit from a bit of self-reflection and group love, whatever's going on in life right now.

the shelf help mission



To connect like-minded souls who have an interest in learning more about themselves and their place in the world and living their best, happiest lives.



To provide a safe, confidential space - online and/or offline - for members to share their own stories and experiences based on the monthly titles.



To create an empowering and engaging community that can support its members to heal, learn, grow...whatever they need to thrive.


confidentiality, kindness, no judgement.

All are welcome who come with an open heart and mind.

featured books

SWEATY BETTY SUMMER SERIES STARRING amazing authors including:


in richmond and one new change


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Fusing the best elements of book clubs (sociability, accountability opportunities to learn) and support groups (connection, confidentiality, kindness) Shelf Help meetings are safe spaces for members to discuss the books and how the topics may affect their own lives. They are a chance to be heard, to heal, grow, relate and learn. Or even just listen (often the most enlightening act of all).

Our digital meetups happen most Mondays at 8pm on Facebook and our real life book clubs are held in the last week of the month.

From mindfulness tips and mantras, to mystical advice, motivational guides and mirror work, 'self-help' in its many guises can be empowering, healing, challenging, uplifting and often life-changing. And like most things in life, it's even better with friends.


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