What is your favourite self-help book? And why? The Road Less Travelled by Dr Scott Peck is a book my mum gave me when I was just 17 and one of the first real self-help books I began reading. The author is a practicing psychiatrist and he uses real life experience to suggest ways to face difficulties, enabling the reader to reach a higher level of self-understanding. Although quite serious, wordy and at times difficult to get your head around – this book has taught me so much about myself and I will continue to refer back to it at different stages in my life.

Why did you get involved in Shelf Help? I was listening to a podcast where Toni was interviewed as a guest. I immediately wanted to get involved and as a group didn’t exist in Bournemouth I thought why not set one up! I love the idea of creating a community of like-minded people and dis-connecting from the online world.

What can people expect at your meetups? I’d like to create a comfortable, welcoming and supportive space for people to get together and share thoughts about the book of the month (amongst other things no doubt!). No judgements, plenty of laughs and a sense of connection. :) “